Coastwide is the Gold Coast’s number 1 mobile mechanic service for issuing roadworthy certificates and pre purchase car inspections. Our mobile mechanic service vehicles can come to you at work, home or virtually anywhere that’s convenient for you.


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Coastwide Service Centre offers the most convenient mobile mechanic service on the Gold Coast, specialising in roadworthy certificates and pre purchase car inspection. Our mobile mechanic service vehicles are designed to reach you wherever you need – at work, home, or any convenient location.



We provide a wide range of mechanical services both at our workshop and through our mobile mechanic service.

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Don’t worry if your vehicle needs mechanical repairs for it to pass the roadworthy inspection. Our mobile mechanic van units have spares on board and can get the job done then and there. No need to re-book and waste time.

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    Get your vehicle back on the road without any delay.

    Coastwide brings expert mobile mechanic to your doorstep, so you can get back on the road faster. Our experienced and trustworthy team is just a call away, ready to diagnose and fix your vehicle’s issues with a smile.

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    Don’t let car problems slow you down. Experience the Coastwide mobile mechanic service today! Call us now and let us handle the rest.

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    When Do You Require a Roadworthy Safety Certificate?

    You will require a roadworthy safety certificate inspection if you are selling your car to someone where the registration will need to be transferred. If an unregistered vehicle is to be registered, you will require a roadworthy certificate.

    Also, some people like to get a roadworthy safety inspection performed regularly to make sure their car is in roadworthy condition and safe to be on the road.

    Queensland doesn’t require a vehicle to be periodically checked for a RWC like other states so if your car is registered and you’re not selling or transferring then you are not required by law to get a RWC.

    Roadworthy Certificate checks are to prove the vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Queensland Transport has set guidelines and items to inspect and we as Registered Authorized roadworthy operators have to abide by the laws stipulated by Queensland Transport. The items laid out in the guidelines are purely safety items and cover things such as tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, seat belts and other safety items. A RWC does not cover service items such as oils and filter condition it is just purely to make sure the vehicle is safe to be driven on the roads.


    Do You Come To Me?

    At Coastwide we have full-time mobile mechanic service with fully trained motor techicians and we can come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast. We also have a full-time modern workshop in Molendinar.

    What Happens if My Vehicle Fails The Inspection?

    You have 14 days to get the repairs performed and then the inspection can be passed off. We can assist you with the repairs either mobile or at our workshop if required. Outside of 14 days we will have to start a new RWC inspection.

    Can you sell a car unregistered and without roadworthy in Qld?

    In Queensland, you’re allowed to sell an unregistered vehicle without a safety certificate. After the buyer inspects the vehicle and agrees to the purchase, create a paper trail by including the signatures of both the seller and buyer. This helps formalise the sale.

    If you’re selling an unregistered vehicle, you don’t need to have it inspected. However, if you plan to move it, you’ll need an unregistered vehicle permit.

    How Much Does A Roadworthy Certificate Cost?

    A mobile roadworthy inspection is $105 which includes travel. We have full time mobile technicians so we don’t charge you a travel surcharge. If your vehicle fails, there will be a reinspection fee of $88 to cover the technicians time and additional fuel costs. This fee is waived if we complete the repairs as we will just pass it off once we have completed the repairs as part of the job.

    What Is Checked In A Roadworthy Certificate QLD?

    All safety associated components such as tyres, brakes, steering etc. A complete list can be obtained from the Qld TMR website.

    Can you just pass my car off I'm keeping it I just need it registered?

    Definity the answer will always be NO, we at Coastwide take safety seriously and we have no desire to sit in front of a court room and explain ourselves when someone is dead due to us doing a dodgy RWC or pay Qld Transport fines when they find out what has been done.

    Is a Roadworthy the Same as a Pink Slip or Blue Slip?

    In Queensland the inspection is called a Roadworthy, many years ago it used to be the colour blue and this is how the term blue slip came about however these days they are just black and white. A pink slip is a NSW term for a roadworthy as it was pink in colour I am unaware if they still are.

    Can You Do a NSW Roadworthy?

    No, unfortunately we can’t. We are too far from the NSW border and the Tweed do them.

    How do I transfer ownership of a car in Queensland?

    To switch the registration, you can do it online or in person.

    Online Transfer:

    Visit the Queensland TMR website within 14 days of the sale. The seller starts the application, entering necessary details of both the buyer and seller. You’ll need things like your driver’s license number, proof of QLD address, car safety certificate, car’s value, odometer reading, and the car’s use purpose. There’s a small fee, paid by either party. Once done on the TMR website, you get confirmation.

    In-Person Transfer:

    You can also do it at your local Main Roads office. Similar documents are needed, and you’ll fill out two sets of forms.

    Whichever way you choose, make sure to keep all the documents and note down the confirmation.