About our car mechanics


Founded in 2013, Coastwide has evolved into one of the most trusted and reliable car mechanics on the Gold Coast. Initially a mobile mechanic service, we now have an advanced workshop equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools.

Whether your needs are extensive repairs or routine servicing, we have the experience and resources to help you out. Under the guidance of owner and chief car mechanic Matt Cowen, our skilled mechanics and technicians, recognised as the finest in the business, consistently goes above and beyond to cater to our valued customers.

Coastwide Service Centre team of car mechanics

Our mechanics

Our team of car mechanics provide a wide range of car repair services both at our workshop and through our mobile mechanic service. It’s this collective experience and skill set that fuel our dedication to keeping your wheels happy and your car running at its best. Interested in learning more about our talented crew who keep your wheels running smoothly? Feel free to check out each of our car mechanics in our team.

Matt Cowen

Matt, chief car mechanic, has been in the industry since 2001 and has worked on quite a range of machinery from motorbikes and small-engine vehicles all the way up to monster mining equipment. He has extensive experience in diesel-powered cars and 4wds, racing and performance vehicles and to say the motor industry is in his blood would be an understatement. If it has an engine, we can fix it!

Brett Halstead

Bretts career has taken him from 2003 all over the country working on everything from motorbikes to massive mining machining, Brett has vast knowledge of all aspects of the mechanical industry and specialises in Classic Cars.

Matt Cherry

Matt Started his career in in England in 2004. He is one of our European specialists. He came to Australia in 2013. He has worked for the major European dealers and now Coastwides workshop manager & is one of our leading mechanical technicians as well as a trained Auto electrician.

Graeme Jacobs

Graeme Started his career in 2005 and has great experience across all makes and models of vehicles. Graeme is highly skilled in diagnostics and is a breakdown specialist, he has years of experience in being a mobile technician and has a background in working on race cars.

Lord Von

Von has been a car mechanic his whole life growing up on a farm in the Philippines fixing tractors with his dad to following through with an apprenticeship and working in the Philippines before deciding to come to Australia. His can-do attitude is what sets him apart and he really enjoys any job he can get his hands on all with a massive smile. Von is a super loyal long term employee we can trust with any job big or small.


Tiger is our apprentice car mechanic, he shows exceptional interest & understanding of our industry. He utilises the skills he learns from our fantastic technicians to be at the forefront of current apprentices being trained.






Coastwide is committed to leading the automotive industry with continued investment in new equipment and staff training programs.


  • We are an independent dealer alternative.
  • We can service your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s logbook requirements without voiding your manufacturer’s statutory warranty.
  • We also offer a range of fixed price services for those vehicles outside of warranty.
  • We only hire the best car mechanics so that our service is never less than the 100%.
  • We have over 80 years of experience under one roof.

With over eight decades of combined experience, we’re not just fixing cars; we’re building relationships. So, whether you roll into our workshop or we roll up to you with our mobile mechanic service, expect a service that’s more than just mechanical – it’s personal.

Car Mechanic You Can Trust

Here at Coastwide Service Centre, we’re not just your average car mechanic — we’re a tight-knit family business that believes in good, old-fashioned personalised service. Being family-owned and operated isn’t just a label for us; it’s the heart of our operations. We don’t just fix cars; we build relationships with our community.

Our commitment to personalised service runs deep, making sure that every customer who walks through our doors receives not only expert car care but also the attention and service they truly deserve. We understand that each vehicle has its own unique story, and we take the time to listen. Our friendly team, led by owner and chief car mechanic Matt Cowen, is here to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible.

Furthermore, we exclusively collaborate with brands that have earned our trust, delivering consistently high-quality products, including renowned names such as Atlantic Oil, Bendix Brakes, and many more.

Mobile Car Mechanic Service

And guess what? We’ve got a mobile mechanic service too! Whether your car needs attention at our workshop or you prefer the convenience of a mobile mechanic coming to you, we’ve got all your car issues sorted. So, let’s keep the wheels turning, have a chat about your car concerns, and enjoy the journey together. Book your time with Coastwide Service Centre today.

Coastwide Service Centre auto repair shop and team of car mechanics



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