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Tired of hearing those annoying screeches every time you hit the brakes? Experiencing pulling or vibration when you try to stop? It’s time to let our mechanics on Gold Coast handle your brake repair. Our team specialises in professional brake repairs and brake pads replacement, making sure your vehicle stops safely every time. Don’t compromise on safety – trust our experienced mechanics to keep your brakes in great condition, so you can drive with confidence on the roads of the Gold Coast. Schedule your brake service today!

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Brake repair on Gold Coast

are you hearing screeches when hitting the brakes?

Brake Repair and Brake Pads Replacement Services on the Gold Coast

When your car’s brake light comes on, it’s a sign that your brakes need attention. Normally, if the brake warning light is on, it might mean your parking brake is on. But if it stays lit even after releasing the parking brake, it’s time to get your brakes checked right away.

Coastwide Service Centre is here to help with all your brake repair needs on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s replacing worn brake pads or fixing brake fluid issues, our team is ready to help.

Ignoring warning signs like squealing or grinding noises while braking can lead to bigger problems later on. That’s why we offer reliable and affordable brake repair services to keep you safe on the road.

Our services cover everything from brake pads replacement to ABS system repairs. Our goal is to keep your brakes in great condition and prevent any costly breakdowns.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If your brake light is on, contact Coastwide Service Centre for expert brake repair and maintenance services on the Gold Coast. Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of your brakes.

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How to Check Brake Linings

To check your brake linings, you can follow these steps:

  • Park on a Level Surface: Find a flat, level surface to park your vehicle.
    • Secure the Vehicle: Put on a parking brake and transmission in park (for automatic transmission) or first gear (for manual transmission).
  • Wheel Chocks: Place wheel chocks behind the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling.
  • Remove Wheel: Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel where you want to inspect the brakes. Use a jack to lift the vehicle, then remove the wheel.
  • Locate Brake Caliper: Once the wheel is removed, you’ll see the brake assembly. Look for the brake caliper, which houses the brake pads.
  • Inspect Brake Pads: Visually inspect the brake pads. You should be able to see them through the openings in the caliper. Measure the thickness of the brake pads with a ruler or caliper. If they appear thin (less than 6 mm), or if the wear indicator is scraping against the rotor, it’s time to replace them.
  • Check Rotor: While you’re inspecting the brake pads, take a look at the brake rotor. Look for signs of excessive wear, scoring, or grooves. If the rotor appears damaged or worn, it may need to be resurfaced or replaced.
  • Repeat: Repeat the process for each wheel.
  • Reassemble: Once you’ve finished inspecting the brake linings on all wheels, reassemble the wheels and tighten the lug nuts.
  • Test Drive: Before hitting the road, test the brakes at low speeds to make sure they’re working properly.

If you’re not sure how to check your brakes, or if you find any problems, it’s best to let a professional mechanic take a look. Keeping your brakes in good shape is really important for staying safe on the road and making sure your car runs well.

Coastwide Service Centre mechanic in the middle of brake repair and brake pads replacement
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brake pads replacement on gold coast

How do I know if brake pads need replacing?

You can tell if your brake pads need replacing by checking for some signs. If you hear squealing or grinding noises when you brake, that’s a common indicator. Also, if your car takes longer to stop or if it pulls to one side when you brake, it could mean your brake pads are worn out. Additionally, if you notice your brake pedal feels softer or sinks closer to the floor when you press it, it might be time for new brake pads. Checking your brake pads regularly for thickness can also help determine if they need replacing.

How long do brake pads last?

The lifespan of brake pads can vary depending on several factors, including driving habits, road conditions, and the type of brake pads used. On average, brake pads can last anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 kilometres, but this can vary. It’s important to monitor your brake pads regularly for signs of wear and replace them as needed to make sure your vehicle’s braking system remains safe. Here’s 5 simple ways to extend the lifespan of brake pads.

Can I drive with bad brake pads?

It’s not safe to drive with bad brake pads. When your brake pads are worn out, your car takes longer to stop, which can lead to accidents. Plus, driving with bad brake pads can harm other parts of your brakes and cost you more money in repairs later on. If you think your brake pads are worn out, it’s important to get them replaced right away to keep you and others safe on the road.

Should I replace all 4 brake pads at once?

Yes, it’s usually best to change all four brake pads together when you’re doing a brake pads replacement. By replacing all four brake pads at the same time, you make sure your brakes work smoothly and evenly. This helps your car stop safely and prevents any problems with uneven braking. Plus, it saves you time and money in the long run because you won’t have to replace them again soon.

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Ways to Make Your Brake Pads Last Longer

To keep your brake pads in great condition for longer, try these simple strategies:

Gentle Braking: Instead of slamming on the brakes, try to brake smoothly and gradually. This gentler approach reduces wear and tear on your brake pads and helps them last longer.

Lighten the Load: Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle to reduce its weight. Less weight means less strain on your brake pads, leading to extended lifespan.

Regular Checkups: Make it a habit to inspect your brake pads and rotors regularly, and make sure your brake fluid is at the right level. Early detection of issues can prevent major problems and prolong the life of your brake components.

Stay within the Speed Limit: Driving at excessive speeds requires more forceful braking, which can wear out your brake pads faster. Stick to the speed limit to reduce strain on your braking system.

Choose Quality Pads: Invest in high-quality brake pads. While they may cost more upfront, they last longer and offer better braking performance, ultimately saving you money and guaranteeing safety. Here’s different types and materials.

Professional Help: Schedule regular inspections with professionals who can spot potential problems and provide guidance on maintaining your brake system effectively. Their expertise can help you keep your brake pads in good condition for longer.

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If you have any questions or concerns about brake pads replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Whether you’re unsure about the process, have specific requirements, or need a quote, we’re here to help every step of the way. Just give us a call, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.