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Our diesel service covers everything from big fixes to regular maintenance, making sure your diesel engine operates at its best. We know what diesel engines need, and our services are designed to make them last longer and work better. We don’t just fix things when they break; we focus on preventing issues to keep your diesel vehicle running well. Book our diesel engine cleaning services, specially designed to clear away carbon buildup and make your engine run better.

Diesel SERVICE / cleaning

Do you have a diesel that has issues?

  • Low power
  • Turbo not working properly
  • Blowing lots of smoke
  • Engine lights on the dash
  • Limp mode
  • Noisy engine
Time to give us a call and get your diesel engine performing again.

Carbon Cleaning

Benefits of having a diesel service for clean engine:

  • More torque
  • More power
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduced turbo lag faster turbo spool up
  • Less oil leaks
  • Smoother quieter performing engine, better towing performance and most of all reliability and longevity of your engine.

Symptoms of a poor running diesel engine.

  • Engine feels sluggish
  • Blowing excessive black smoke or white smoke
  • Poor or reduced fuel economy
  • Performance and drivability is lacking
  • Turbo lag is getting worse
  • Rattling or noisy engine
  • Engine lights coming on
  • Limp mode
  • Or a combination of some of the above

Have a read about the associated cleans, alternatively, you can give us a call and discuss any questions you may have including quotes on cleans for your vehicle and discuss any issues you’re having.

Intake cleaning, soot cleaning, decarbon

Before Clean & After Ultrasonic bath Clean, Its like brand new.

The #1 killer of modern diesel engines’ power and fuel economy is a blocked intake, and this is where an intake clean is needed. If you have more than 50,000 kilometres on your diesel engine, then it’s time for a diesel service, specifically an intake clean. Some vehicles don’t build up as much carbon sludge as others; it’s all in the design of the emissions control systems.

However, every vehicle with a common rail diesel engine will have some sort of carbon soot buildup in the engine. This is the number one factor in reducing power and fuel economy and will eventually lead to serious engine damage.

Regular diesel service, including intake cleaning, is crucial to maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing potential damage. If your diesel engine has surpassed 50,000 kilometres, it’s an opportune time to address this issue and guarantee the longevity of your vehicle.

Why does this happen?

It all comes down to efforts to control harmful emissions from vehicles, aiming to protect the environment. Manufacturers have incorporated devices like EGR Valves, which redirect burnt exhaust gas from the engine back into the intake of the engine to mix with clean air and burn again. In principle, this is beneficial.

However, these devices also channel oil vapour from the engine ventilation system into the intake. This mixes with the EGR gases, creating sludge, carbon, and soot buildup in the engine intake system. When this buildup is severe, such as at 200,000 kilometres, we find that not only is the intake manifold severely blocked, but the cylinder head ports and valves are also coated in this problematic substance.
Regular diesel service, including addressing EGR system issues, becomes essential to counteract the adverse effects of these emissions control measures and assure the longevity of your engine.

Why doesn’t my mechanic do this and why haven’t they told me about this?

Your mechanic may or may not be aware of the issues related to new CRD engines either way almost 95% of mechanical workshops don’t have the equipment, experience and training to carry out such diesel service on these engines. And yes, that most certainly includes all dealers. We regularly get vehicles to come straight from the dealer which can’t be fixed and we can diagnose and repair them with our specialty equipment and knowledge.


If you’re experiencing any issues or are in need of some information relating to intake cleaning then give us a call and we can run through any questions you may have and any quotes related to any of our cleans.

What will happen if I don’t do an intake clean on my engine?

Inevitably, your engine will reduce in power and start using heaps of fuel until it has a failure, potentially costing you thousands or even rendering the vehicle to be sent off to the scrappers.

We all know the stories of an old Toyota Landcruiser doing 1 million kms on the same engine, and yes, I can attest to that being Toyota trained. I have seen plenty with serious kilometers on them. However, these were differently designed engines before emissions, and this is no longer something that can be achieved from a small displacement modern common rail engine.

We see all too often CRD engines that are blown up or had major failures with 250,000 kilometres on the clock when they have had regular servicing. How could this be possible if they were serviced well? They may have been serviced but not serviced properly by a diesel expert who knows what to look for and also has the machinery to repair these faults that slowly build up.

diesel particulate filter


Have you got a DPF light on the dash or have you been told your vehicle needs a new DPF by the dealer or a workshop or do you have a DPF issue that a dealer or workshop can’t fix for you?

We have the alternative answer for replacing an average of $6000+ DPF, we can clean your DPF for you and we will also diagnose why the DPF is blocked to prevent it happening again prematurely.
A DPF (diesel particulate filter) is designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine and to reduce the harmful emissions from damaging our environment and it’s a great system when its functioning properly and effectively. When its not it can be very annoying for any car owner with problems such as:

  • Engine lights coming on
  • Mass of smoke coming out while driving
  • Very smelly exhaust
  • Very low power
  • Limp mode
  • Very slow revving engine
  • Noisy engine
  • Running rough
  • Very bad fuel economy

Our diesel service addresses these issues, offering a reliable solution to make sure your DPF functions properly and effectively, improving both your driving experience and environmental impact.

Shown here: Brand new DPF filter structure without the housing & a sample of a unit cut open. Also shown: Heavily blocked DPF.

Our 400L Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

diesel service – DPF Cleaning

How we clean the carbon and dpf soot

As with any filter, its job is to “filter” what’s running through it, and your DPF needs to be cleaned regularly to make sure your vehicle performs at its best. The DPF clean will do wonders for your diesel’s efficiency and its overall performance just like changing your oil filter or cleaning your air filter the DPF is no different.
Your DPF should be cleaned every 100000kms to help with the longevity of your common rail diesel engine.

  • Avoid out-of-pocket maintenance costs and extend filter life – Regular cleaning helps extend the life of your filter as excessive soot and ash collected in the DPF can damage its core structure
  • Improve fuel economy dramatically
  • Improve power and performance
  • Help improve the environment (every little bit helps)

You may be having a DPF issue due to the lack of driving out on open roads which as a car owner this should not be a prerequisite, we should be able to drop the kids off at school go to the shops and home etc however these short stop start trips are a DPFs worst nightmare and will not give the car the opportunity to give the DPF a clean while driving.

In some cases, a DPF issue may also be caused by other problems in your engine’s associated systems. This is a scenario we frequently come across during our diesel service.

The DPF cleaning process, part of our diesel service, targets and removes all the fine particles that have built up internally inside the filter. After cleaning, the filter undergoes a thorough rinse to remove any remaining chemicals and is tested for correct operation. If there are any other associated issues, we address them before refitting the cleaned DPF. Once the entire process is complete, we test and reset all associated engine adaptations, making sure the engine is performing properly again as it should. This comprehensive DPF cleaning process, including addressing any underlying issues, is major for maintaining optimal engine performance.

How we clean the carbon and DPF soot.

As part of our diesel service, we utilise large industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning bath, along with the correct cleaning solutions, to thoroughly clean your DPF inside and out. This advanced method is very thorough cleaning process.

In addition, our Ultrasonic Cleaning machine has multipurpose; we also use it to clean inlet manifolds and EGRs, effectively eliminating carbon build-up and restoring them to a brand-new state. When the inlet manifold is off, we employ a walnut blasting machine to clean the cylinder head ports and valves.

While we do offer an on-car cleaning option for both carbon and DPF soot build-up, particularly effective in certain applications, severe cases necessitate the removal of components for treatment in the ultrasonic bath. The on-car cleaning process is validated using small cameras that allow us to inspect the engine and exhaust, providing before-and-after visuals. Our advanced computer scan tools offer electrical sensor data, and our expertise in interpreting this data assures desired results.

While on-car cleaning has been a reliable option over the years, tighter emissions standards have led us to prioritise the ultrasonic machine as the preferred method for vehicles with severe issues, emphasising our commitment to providing great diesel service.

Shown here: Before and after cleaning process with the ultrasonic bath.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions or vehicle issues you may have in relation to diesel service in general, DPF cleaning or any other cleans or diesel services please give us a call to discuss any questions and quoting.

diesel Injectors – Essential for Optimal Diesel Service

Diesel Injector CLEANING

A diesel engine in all aspects is a fantastic design, however it all revolves around the diesel being injected into the engine. This alone has many variables such a spray patterns, angles, positioning of the injectors and many other aspects. Once these injectors start to block up even the slightest bit they will start to not perform at 100% and this will cause issues such as:

  • Blowing excessive smoke
  • Rattling knocking noise
  • Poor performance
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Start issues
  • Rough running

Unfortunately, the diesel available in Australia is of poor quality, impacting the long-term health of our vehicles’ fuel systems. Since the diesel injection system is the most critical part of the diesel engine, it is major to keep it running optimally. A gradual buildup in the fuel system can result in a slow decline in engine performance and fuel economy. This is when you need to perform maintenance on the system, especially focusing on diesel service for injectors.

We can carry out injector cleaning and fuel system cleaning on almost all systems and see outstanding results.

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