We’re your one-stop-car mechanic.

Coastwide offers our customers a comprehensive range of car services. No matter what repairs or servicing your vehicle requires, we’ve got you covered. With a state-of-the-art workshop equipped with the latest technology and packed with quality spare parts, we can produce quick turn around times and get you back on the road fast. 

If you prefer the convenience of a mobile car mechanic that comes to you, our fully equipped service vehicles are ready and capable of fixing any issue. Whether in our workshop or at your location, our goal is to provide efficient and reliable car service to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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Book your car in for a Free Brake inspection and make sure your brakes are in good condition and don’t end up costing you more than they should by putting your family at risk or damaging other parts.

Regular car service, including brake inspections, is crucial for ensuring your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Our Services INCLUDE

We provide a wide range of mechanical services both at our workshop and through our mobile mechanic service.

Mobile Mechanic Services

Air Conditioning

Roadworthy Safety Certificate

Car Service & Repairs

LogBook Service

Transmission Service & Repair

Service & Repairs All Makes & Models

Fuel Injection Tune Ups

Electronic Computer Scanning

Suspension Service & Repairs

Cooling System Repairs

Tyre & Wheel Balancing

Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Diesel Engine Cleaning

Brake Specialist

Diesel Repairs & Servicing

Performance Modifications

Engine Rebuild & Head Gaskets

Timing Belts

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Visit Coastwide Service Centre, where professional car service meets simplicity. Whether you choose our cutting-edge workshop or opt for our convenient mobile mechanic service, we’re here to streamline your car care experience.

In our Mobile Mechanic Services, envision your car receiving expert attention right in your driveway. Our skilled technicians arrive ready to handle everything, from routine check-ups to addressing common automotive concerns. Convenience delivered to your doorstep is our priority.

Optimal Climate Control: Air Conditioning Expertise

For your vehicle’s well-being, our Air Conditioning service ensures optimal climate control, while the Roadworthy Safety Certificate provides the essential documentation for your peace of mind.

Our Car Service & Repairs go beyond fixing issues; they encompass a thorough wellness check for your vehicle. From standard oil changes to comprehensive inspections, we’ve got it covered. If adhering to manufacturer specifications is your preference, our Logbook service maintains your warranty and ensures your vehicle’s peak performance.

Navigating the intricacies of transmissions is our expertise. We specialise in identifying potential issues before they escalate. When we say All Makes & Models, we mean we cater to a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring our services meet varied needs.

Fuel Injection Tune-Ups

For improved engine performance, our Fuel Injection Tune-Ups breathe new life into your vehicle. When your car communicates through beeps and blinks, our Electronic Computer Scanning swiftly identifies and resolves issues.

Smooth rides are our priority. Our Suspension Service & Repairs guarantee a comfortable journey, while Cooling System Repairs prevent overheating. Tyre & Wheel Balancing ensures a smooth and balanced drive.

Considering a new set of wheels? Our Pre Purchase car Inspection offers a comprehensive overview of your potential ride. For diesel engines needing a boost, our Diesel Engine Cleaning service restores vitality. As Brake Specialists, we ensure your vehicle stops with precision and safety.

Diesel engines come with their unique quirks, and we understand them well. Our Diesel Repairs & Servicing provide specialised care. Seeking a performance boost? Our Performance Modifications add a professional touch. Engine Rebuild & Head Gaskets services ensure durability, and Timing Belts are replaced promptly to prevent potential damage.

Experience Excellence, Drive with Confidence

So, whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring the great outdoors, Coastwide Service Centre is your reliable partner for maintaining the health of your wheels. Book a car service with us for a straightforward and professional approach to your automotive needs.

Don’t just take our word for it – read what others have to say in our reviews. Drive with us, and experience the difference firsthand.