Frequency of Oil Change

Most dealerships advise changing your oil every 8,000 kilometres. But this might vary depending on your car type. It’s important to check your car’s manual or ask a mechanic for the best schedule for your vehicle. Following these guidelines for oil change helps you keep your car running well and avoids engine problems.

What’s the purpose of oil change?

Oil plays a major role in the proper functioning of your car’s engine. It acts as a lubricant, making sure that all the moving parts operate without causing friction or wear. Additionally, oil helps to dissipate heat, preventing the engine from overheating during operation. It also serves as a cleaner, removing debris and contaminants from the engine components to maintain optimal performance. Without adequate oil, the engine would suffer from increased friction, heat buildup, and potential damage. Therefore, it’s really important to check and change the oil often to make sure your car engine lasts a long time and works well.

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

The general rule for oil change is around every 8,000 kilometres. However, this can change depending on what kind of car you have and how you drive. Let’s dive in.

Oil change is important for keeping your car running as it should. It helps your engine parts work properly. If you don’t change your oil when you’re supposed to, your car might start acting strange. It could idle roughly or not respond when you press the gas pedal. In the worst case, your engine might break down.

Different car makers and models have different suggestions for when to change your oil. It can be hard to keep track of it all. That’s where we come in. We know it’s confusing when every car seems to need an oil change at a different time. Plus, everyone you ask has a different opinion. If you come in for logbook service, we’ll follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Give us a call for an appointment or come visit us in Molendinar.

To decide when to change your oil, you need to think about how old your car is and how many kilometres it has driven. Some people say it’s good to change your oil every 5,000 kilometres. But if you use certain kinds of oil and your engine is in good shape, you might be able to go longer between changes. We’ll explain more about that and answer some other questions about oil changes.

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What happens if you put the wrong oil in your car?

Using the wrong oil in your car can cause a lot of problems. When your engine doesn’t have the right oil, it doesn’t work as well. This can lead to more friction between parts, which can wear them out faster. That means you might have to spend a lot of money fixing your car.

Using the wrong oil can also make your engine less efficient. That means you’ll need more gas to go the same distance, which can cost you more money. Plus, it can make your car pollute more, which isn’t good for the environment.

If you use the wrong oil, it can even cause leaks or make your engine overheat. Both of those things can be really bad and expensive to fix. That’s why it’s so important to always use the right oil for your car and get regular oil changes. It’s an easy way to keep your engine running safely and avoid big problems later on.

Symptoms to watch our for

Here are some signs to watch out for if you’ve used the wrong oil during oil change:

  • Strange noises: You might hear knocking or pinging sounds from the engine if the oil isn’t right.
  • Poor engine performance: The wrong oil can make your engine feel weaker and less responsive.
  • Engine overheating: Using the wrong oil might make your engine run too hot.
  • More oil needed: You might find yourself adding oil more often if it’s not the right kind.
  • Warning lights: Your car’s check engine light might come on if there’s a problem with the oil.
  • Worse gas mileage: Using the wrong oil can make your car use more fuel.
  • Rough idling: Your car might feel shaky or stall when it’s not moving smoothly.

If you notice any of these things, it’s best to get the oil changed to the correct type as soon as possible to avoid damaging your engine further. Just give us a call so we can come to you to for a car service.

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