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The Importance Of Regular Car Servicing

Why Should I Have Regular Car Services

The importance of servicing your car’s engine and its other systems has never been more important than with the very technically smart vehicles we drive today.

Your car’s engine has many sensors measuring so many different things that when your engine is overdue for service the computer is so smart that it adjusts these sensors to make the engine run as smooth as possible even if it really is struggling to survive.

Engine oil has an effective life as do most things, I personally try to compare it to milk, you can drink milk that’s way past its used by date however it won’t make you feel very good and it won’t make you run at your best after drinking it. The same applies to your car’s engine it needs fresh oil to operate properly.

In the end of the day servicing your car is a lot cheaper than a new engine when it decides it’s had enough of drinking stale milk A well maintained engine will give you a long ownership of your vehicle.

At Coastwide Service Centre we offer very reasonable log book service prices and a fixed price servicing, for peace of mind when outside of the log book servicing. Coastwide also offer a Mobile service for all Gold Coast areas as well as Mobile Roadworthys and Mobile Car Air Conditioning re-gas service.

Engine With No Maintenance

Clean Maintained Engine


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