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Log Book Car Service Gold Coast | Vehicle Servicing

A Log book car service is a very misunderstood area!

What are the requirements to remain under full manufacturer’s warranty when the vehicle is still within the manufacturer’s warranty period?

There is a massive misconception for the dealerships themselves that the car owner is required to go back to the dealer for servicing.

The law of Australia actually states that a consumer has the right to get their car serviced by any Qualified Mechanical business.  As long as the servicing has been done to the standards put down in the log book, then that consumers warranty is 100% valid.

Why Choose an Independent Workshop like Coastwide Service Centre to do Your Log Book Service?

The independents will inform you of any issues that require attention under your warranty and give you a written report to take to the dealer so you can get the repairs fixed for free under the warranty. The dealer most definitely won’t tell you about any warranty repairs unless they are deemed unsafe for driving.

Why you ask? Well the system works like this. For argument’s sake let’s say Toyota.

The dealer is just a business owned by an individual or group of individuals, Toyota is the company who sells the dealers the cars which they on sell to you the consumer. The dealer puts in a claim to the supplier Toyota and then once approved they will pay the dealer the hourly time allowed for the repair decided by the supplier not the dealer and further more they will only pay the dealer not a normal dealer hourly rate say $150-$300 per hour, they will pay approximately $25 per hour for the repairs. So the dealer has no incentive whatsoever to get your warranty issues fixed unless dangerous due to the fact that the amount paid by the supplier doesn’t even cover the cost of the mechanic who will carry out the repair on the vehicle.

Why else would you not go to a dealer? Well, how about that $150-$300 an hour rate that the dealer will charge you for any repairs required that are not covered under warranty such as normal wear and tear like brakes etc.

Most independents will not charge anywhere close to those outrageous rates due to less overheads and less greed.

What About the Parts I Hear You Ask. Won’t the Factory Parts be Better for My Car?

The parts aftermarket world is full of different brands and quality varies a lot.

However most independents such as Coastwide will only buy from reputable suppliers who only carry aftermarket parts that equal or exceed the genuine quality parts. In many cases, especially with European vehicles, the parts we buy aftermarket are in fact the factory parts at a cheaper price than the dealer will sell them.

At an independent like Coastwide, you get to talk to the owner of the business, you get to meet the employees and you are made to feel appreciated for your custom because you are appreciated and respected. You’re not just a number in a money-making system.

We at Coastwide Service Centre will always explain what we did and explain why things were replaced.

We will show you the old parts that were replaced so that it all makes perfect sense to you  what you are getting for your money.

For any queries about your log book service just give us a call at Coastwide Service Centre and we will happily talk through your log book service with you.

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