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With testing times and financial difficulties that we are placed with at the present time we all find a need to budget what is essential for our lives.

Unfortunately our vehicles tend to get forgotten about when it comes to our budget for a few reasons. We have no idea what its going to cost to get that noise or issue fixed, which makes it very hard to budget for. The other big thing that comes to our mind is the car is still going so hopefully it will be fine for another few weeks or a month, and then the unfortunate thing happens where we end up hurting another part of the car and it costs more then it would have originally.

The solution to this is Buy Now Pay Later. Most of us would have heard of or possibly have an account with one of the payment finances places that are around these days. There so many of them available to choose from and it is very hard to choose which one is best for you, we at Coastwide have aligned ourselves with the larger companies to give our customers piece of mind when signing up and making a purchase.

We have available both in the workshop and mobile:

They all have different options to customers on the amounts available the payment plans and off course the fees, most of them will charge a one off fee to setup a new plan and there is no interest charged on the purchase you just make the repayment in accordance with the plan you choose.

So if you need your car fixed up so you can have the reliability to get to work or take the kids to school and need a pay later system then we are happy to help if you any questions give us a call and we can discuss anything with you.

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