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Brake Problems

Why You Should Have Your Brakes Checked

When it comes to vehicle safety in your car for you, all other road users and pedestrians, the brake system is your number one safety item. It is ultra important to know the signs of worn brakes so that you can have them checked and repaired in order to keep you, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians safe. An effective braking system will usually be the difference between a serious accident and driving away without an issue. It is the vehicle owner/drivers responsibility to maintain a roadworthy vehicle and insurance companies can and will reject an insurance accident claim if your brakes are questionable.

Brakes Squealing When Applied


Your brakes have a wear indicator built in and are designed to make a squealing or screeching noise to let you know that the pads are getting low. This is generally  the first sign of brake failure at this point you should call Coastwide Service Centre to make a booking for a brake inspection Coastwide Mobile Mechanics can also come out to you if needed.

Steering wheel or brake pedal vibrates when the brakes are applied

If you start to feel the steering wheel or brake pedal shaking or vibrating this is an indicator you have warped brake discs also known as rotors, they work in conjunction with your brake pads to slow down your vehicle. Warped rotors will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the brake system. At Coastwide Service Centre we have a state of the art equipment for machining Brake disc rotors to make your brakes 100% effective again.

Loud Grinding Noise When Braking

Hearing a loud grinding noise when you apply the brakes is likely because you have no, or very little, brake pads left causing the metal of the brake disc to grind against the metal backing of the brake pads which are now worn away. If this is the case you will likely need to replace your rotors which will in turn cost more than usual which is why you should always contact Coastwide for a brake inspection  when you hear a brake noise.

Brake Pedal Is Soft Or Hard

If a brake pedal is very soft or hard this means you have something wrong with your hydraulic system or brake booster which is less common in newer vehicles however is definitely something to be mindful of. If you feel anything weird from your brakes then you should act upon this as safety and roadworthiness is a must with all vehicles.

Brakes are a normal “wear and tear” item on every vehicle and will eventually need to be replaced, they will always be checked when you get your car serviced at Coastwide Service Centre.

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